Our Working Conditions

“No Cure – No Pay“ Basis

We usually work on a customer-friendly “no cure – nopay” basis which means that we charge no disbursements whatsoever and our clients pay us an agreed percentage of whatever we recover.
The agreed percentage commission is based on the gross recovered sum.
If we are not successful, we will get nothing – so in other words, our Clients carry no financial risk.

In case external third parties (e.g. experts or lawyers) have to be involved, this will happen only after exclusive consultation with our Clients and after their express approval.
Any external expenses such as experts’ and lawyers’ fees are to be paid directly by the Client, but here as well they will be advised about the initial budget.
If we have to use lawyers to arrest a ship or to litigate, we will never do so without the prior consent of our client.

Overall such invoices will, as a rule, be paid directly by the Client – this way the Client can be sure that we do not charge anything on top of it.