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Hamburg was and is the centre of the maritime industry in Germany. The booming port is the driving force behind an impressive variety of players in the transport sector including shipping companies, importers, exporters, logistics, port services, surveyors and experts as well as the whole range of service providers in the marine insurance world like agents, brokers, insurance companies, average adjusters etc.

In 1997, after many years in a key position within the marine insurance department of the world’s biggest reinsurance company, Dr. Harald Zeller, a former master mariner and maritime lawyer, founded the ZELLER ASSOCIATES Group. ZELLER ASSOCIATES is an entirely independent, active-partnership-owned provider of a wide range of risk-related services mainly for shipping, trade and transport but also in the area of travel/tourism. Its aim is to offer assistance in assessing, managing and covering standard and special risks connected with these business activities including claims services (adjustment and handling of claims, loss prevention, surveys, etc.) in specific countries and worldwide; training, coaching and seminars, consulting in insurance and reinsurance matters, risk management and strategies including advisory services on insurance concepts and markets; design and development of new insurance products; technical and administrative insurance management services (including run-offs). The independence of the Group guarantees that clients’ needs are taken care of without the influence of any other interests.

As a part of ZELLER ASSOCIATES Group, ZASS International GmbH serves the shipping and insurance industry in collecting and recovering payments from third parties. After 17 years in practice, ZASS is now one of the leading German recovery agents acting worldwide. It has a solid basis of domestic customers, but also has a considerable portfolio of foreign clients especially from Switzerland, the emerging East European markets, but also Near/Middle East, Latin America, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. ZASS’s philosophy is to provide the utmost transparency in the handling of clients’ claims, giving our customers full information and control at any stage of the recovery. The fact that ZASS is always prepared to share its know-how, is greatly appreciated by clients. This is a source of pride for the company.

Apart from “standard” recovery cases for cargo interests and their underwriters, ZASS’s activities extend to the handling of large collision cases at sea and truck accidents on land, continuous recovery guidance and recovery actions for multi-year overseas projects of telecommunication centres, power stations, steelworks, manufacturing plants etc., management of general average cases for cargo interests and return of general average bond balances, salvage and emergency sale of wrecked and/or damaged cargo, cases involving phantom ships and hi-jacked cargoes, piracy cases, recourse actions against sub-carriers, shipping and chartering disputes, passenger and travel group compensation after casualties of cruise ships or bus accidents or straight forward encashment/collection of insurance and reinsurance premiums, charter hire, freight, tracing and supervision of third party assets, enforcement of arbitration awards and court decisions.

Most of these activities are offered on a “no cure – no pay” basis. In cases where only consultancy assistance is required and upon client’s special request the assistance of ZASS may also be retained on a “time-and-trouble” basis.

ZASS provides its expert service in the international recovery business through its own offices in Germany, Russia, Near/ Middle East, China and Hong Kong  in which master mariners, lawyers and insurance specialists form well-motivated and ambitious teams. Languages are no problem with German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Arabic spoken by ZASS’s multi-national staff.

ZASS is just another example of how the ZELLER ASSOCIATES Group provides its clients with easy access to a wide range of specialty services, all out of one hand – see the Group’s website at