MOL COMFORT broke in two *UPDATE #2*
aft section sunk

28. June 2013

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MOL COMFORT: aft section sunk

Latest reports confirm that the aft section sunk with an estimated 1,700 containers due to water ingress whilst the fore section is still under tow to a port of refuge in the Middle East. This will increase the salvage and general average contributions for the remaining containers in the fore section whilst the containers on the aft section have to be considered a total loss since it is unlikely that they may during continuing adverse weather conditions be salvaged from the sea without significant damage to the cargo.

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[2013-06-28, 9:00 GMT]



MOL COMFORT reportedly still afloat

Latest news including today’s Lloyd’s List report that both parts of the MOL COMFORT are still adrift and may be towed into a safe haven to rescue the containers. This may prompt Cargo Underwriters to put up Salvage and General Average Securities and also here we may assist.

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[2013-06-19, 9:00 GMT]

Original news

After the incident of MSC CARLA in 1997 MOL COMFORT (GT 86,692) is the second container vessel which broke in two at high seas on her trip to Jeddah.

She was en route from Far East to Northern Europe engaged on the North Europe Express 1 Service. Luckily all crewmembers were rescued by the Indian Coast Guard.

This will no doubt prompt a massive flood of cargo claims to which the carrier under the Bills of Lading may seek to limit liability under the London Convention of 1976 to an amount of SDR 11,478,936 being equivalent to approx. USD 17.5 million. With a capacity of 8,110 TEU and a roughly estimated number of 4,000 containers on board the total cargo value may reach an amount of USD 152 million or above. The ship owner Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd. is entered with the Japan  Ship Owners Mutual P&I Club.

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[2013-06-19, 07:00 GMT]