MOL COMFORT broke in two *UPDATE #3*
towling line snapped

4. July 2013

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MOL COMFORT – Towing line snapped

The towing line to the fore part of the MOL COMFORT snapped and the three tug boats on scene are trying to reconnect.

These events will no doubt increase the salvage award which in comparison with the salvage award of USD 8.2 million granted for the successful salvage of the aft part of the MSC CARLA some years ago may well reach an amount of USD 10 million or more – being equivalent to approx. 10% of the combined cargo value on the fore part of the MOL COMFORT.

Should the salvage of the fore part also fail, a combined cargo value of USD 150 million or more will be facing a potential ship owner’s limitation of 11,478,936  SDR (USD 17.5 million) under the London Limitation Convention of 1976 or 27,538,400 SDR (USD 41.2 million) under the 1996 Amendments. The combined cargo value of the 1,700 lost containers on the sunken aft part of the MOL COMFORT will already clearly exceed the above limitation figures.

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[2013-07-04, 10:00 GMT]

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