MOL COMFORT – Limitation Proceedings initiated at the Tokyo District Court

26. July 2013
Limitation Proceedings initiated in the Tokyo District Court –
deadline to submit claims: 15 November 2013!

The MOL Management has today 26 July 2013 made the following announcement with the request to pass it on to concerned parties:

Subject : LP1 MOL Comfort V.005W21  –  Accident at Sea


Dear Valued Customer,


With respect to the incident of MOL Comfort which fractured into two parts on June 17 while under way on the Indian Ocean and sank in the high seas, we would like to recommend that customers notify their insurers that, MOL as owners and operators of the vessel, applied for limitation of ship owner’s liability to the Tokyo District Court in accordance with the 1996 Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, and limitation fund has been constituted for this incident. By this filing, any claims arising out from the MOL Comfort incident need to be made against this limitation fund within the due date of submission (on or before Nov.15, 2013), or else the right to recover the claims may be lost.


A public announcement of the limitation of ship owner’s liability was made in the Japan Gazette on July.26 2013 as briefed below. Though your cargo insurer will take steps to submit their subrogated claims, for safety’s sake, we recommend you to notify your insurer of this letter and proceedings.


<Contents of notice by the court regarding the limitation proceedings and limitation fund>


1. Number of Case:
Heisei-25th (Fune) No. 1
Action of application for commencement of procedure for limitation of shipowner


2.  Address/Name of Trustee:
Isao Saiki, Attorney-at-law
Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
Fukuoka Building 9th Fl., 8-7, Yaesu 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028


3. Due date of submission of claims subject to limitation:
on or before November 15,2013


Yours faithfully,


MOL Management

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we may be of assistance regarding recovery issues or for help to get compensation or in handling claims.

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