NORMAN ATLANTIC *UPDATE* – Death toll still rising/dispute on P&I Cover

2. January 2015
NORMAN ATLANTIC – Death toll still rising/dispute on P&I Cover

Once the devastated ro-ro-ferry NORMAN ATLANTIC has reached the port of Brindisi, the Italian public authorities will first investigate the ship, before at a second stage vessel and cargo will be made accessible for civil third parties. Cargo interests nevertheless are already advised to prepare arrangements for survey and to notify their attendance to the Public Prosecutor.

Five days after the fire broke out, the death toll is still rising and the fate of several listed and unlisted passengers and the one of an unknown number of possible refugee stowaways is still unknown. Depending on the cause of the incident, either the P&I Club of the charterer and operator Anek Lines or the P&I underwriters of owner Visemar will have to respond to cargo interests, while passengers have also a direct claim against the owners for their losses. It is advisable to submit any potential claim already at an early stage to both opponent parties.

Again, anybody affected by this casualty, whether as a passenger or cargo interest is welcome to contact us for our assistance by phone or e-mail.

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