Training, Consultancy And Education –
How To Become A Specialist

Loss prevention, consultancy, education and training

We can offer any kind of loss prevention, consultancy, education and training related to transport, shipping and insurance.

This can be by open seminars for various clients or tailor made in-house seminars where particular attention can be drawn on clients’ own contracts and problems.

Specialist seminars

ZASS International has produced seminars for its clients in trade, transport, shipping and the allied industries since its start in 1997 and, most importantly, these are constantly being updated.

All our seminars are designed to coach managers and staff members of our customers who wish to acquire practical knowledge and a better understanding of Claims Handling and Recoveries.

If you work in trade, shipping, chartering, transport, marine insurance or the legal profession, you will find useful the information in our courses, much of which would take years to acquire through day to day experience.

  • Seminar on Cargo Insurance, Claims and Recoveries
  • P&I Seminar on Letters of Undertaking
  • Seminar on General Average and Salvage
  • Seminar on Perishable Cargo
  • Seminar on International Terrestrial Transportation

Our Specialist Seminars in Claims Handling and Recoveries regularly include the following subjects:

  • Collection of Information
  • Securing of Evidence
  • Notice of Claim
  • What Evidence is Available?
  • Expert Reports
  • Safeguarding of Enforceability of Title
  • Title to Sue
  • Time Bars
  • How to Interrupt Time
  • Where to Sue
  • Insolvency of Debtor

These Specialist Claims Handling and Recoveries Seminars in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Russian normally take place in Hamburg, but they can also, by special arrangement, be held in any other shipping port or region and/or within the premises of our clients.

Individual training

ZASS International can also provide special intensive continuing Recovery training and coaching opportunities (in English, German, French, Spanish or Russian) over a period of several days for one or two staff members of interested firms in our Hamburg office.

Tailor-made to the request of our clients we then usually provide a blending of more intense theoretical instructions with on-the-job day-to-day practical work in claims and recoveries.

Depending on the preferences, knowledge and educational purposes, visits can be included to the surrounding ports and/or the usual parties and institutions involved in claims and recoveries and legal disputes work, such as Surveyors, Loss Adjusters, General Average Adjusters, Correspondents, Lawyers, Courts, Arbitrators, Mediators and other Specialists.

Of course, in a market where every minute counts, such individual training activities depend on time and our business commitments!
If you are interested in such Individual Training or Coaching, please contact us directly.