Golden Rules

In A Nutshell.
Clear And Brief.

The following are our “Golden Rules for Recoveries” which we think should be standard–and at least incorporated as special terms and conditions– e.g. in all transport insurance contracts:

  • Inform your insurer and his recoveries office of all suspected events which could lead to a claim (no matter how unimportant it may appear to be), so that prompt and efficient steps can be taken to support potential recovery actions.
  • Immediately give notice in writing to the shipper, his agents or other potential third parties that you consider them responsible for causing the damage in question.
  • Arrange for a survey of damage as soon as possible and invite, as appropriate, all parties involved in the transport in question (shipper, agent, stevedores, carrier, terminal operator etc.).
  • Prepare a pre-shipment report, loading report and/or an unloading report when transporting valuable or sensitive goods (e.g. project cargo, heavy lift shipments, steel, refrigerated goods etc.).
  • If the damage is considerable, all efforts should be made to obtain a security from the carrier.
  • Instruct the receiver and/or his representative to determine the exterior condition of the goods upon receipt and to indicate their findings on the underlying documentation upon acceptance.
  • Try to obtain from the carrier the necessary documentation and certification with regard to the number/amount and condition of the goods.