Large Casualty Management

We Are Experts In Dealing With Large Casualties

Large casualties, such as the recent ship incidents of the RENA, the MSC FLAMINIA, the COSTA CONCORDIA and the MOL COMFORT, but also train and bus accidents or air crashes such as the mid-air collision at Ueberlingen or the loss of Swissair flight 111, where ZASS International was or still is involved, require a high degree of co-ordination skills, negotiation skills and experience in the handling of large casualties to supervise the many involved parties (surveyors, lawyers, port authorities, coast guard, traffic controls, air and maritime accident investigation bureaus, criminal prosecutors, expert engineers, classification societies, Cargo-, H&M as well as P&I underwriters and many more) and this often in more than only one jurisdiction.

Our involvement guarantees that costs are kept at a minimum and that negotiations are always targeted towards an amicable solution to the benefit of the client.

We offer this service on a “no cure – no pay” basis, as it is mostly feasible, or on a time and trouble basis on an agreed hourly fee which in the end will be made transparent to the client by a detailed work sheet outlining our work done, or a combination of both. For further details about our working conditions click [here].

Large Casualties require a very close co-operation with the client (in the beginning often on a 24 hours / 365 days basis) to safeguard that his interests are at all stages of the process protected best possible, especially also in situations, where unexpected facts or events come to light for which appropriate and speedy action is needed such as e.g. the initiation of limitation proceedings by a shipowner or charterer like in the case of the RENA in London and the MOL COMFORT in Tokyo.

Most Large Casualties usually result in larger losses to the clients where it might be of paramount importance to timely secure their claims by enforcing adequate security (Letters of Undertaking, Bank Guarantees, Cash Deposits) to safeguard a later enforcement of a successful amicable settlement, an arbitration award or a court decision –  sometimes after many years.

We combine in our team the full range of expertise:  nautical, technical, legal and commercial, and this in all areas built up over many, many years in professional work.

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