On-Scene Trouble Shooting

Gain Flexibility And In-Depth Understanding Through Direct Access

Even if modern communication technologies make it more and more easy to communicate with whomever from any place of the Globe it often does not have the same effect than meeting people personally and to get an impression on the geographical surroundings, the technical equipment, the local bureaucracy and inter cultural problems on scene. Often does the personal appearance speed or ease up matters and heighten the priority of your case. This way we may attempt a quick solution of the problem rather than having it dragged on (not seldom for years) in expensive litigation or lengthy correspondence. There is often a lack of reporting of vital information which we can compensate tailor made to the clients’ needs.

Each case is completely unique and requires a high grade of adaption, inter cultural awareness, strategic planning coupled with fantasy, language skills, diplomacy end experience, negotiation skills and not to forget an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs.

As such a trouble shooting mission often may only be a part time task of the whole case we offer these services on a time and trouble basis. In exceptional cases we may also consider “no cure – no pay” terms. The time needed to undertake such missions can in the beginning often not be predicted. Here we offer our utmost flexibility in adapting to this uncertainty.

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